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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 16, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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minute." it's a savage attack as a customer is punched and stabbed. >> but look at the other two men in the store. >> what they did that has some people outraged. a fisherman trying to hook one finds out -- >> how that actually feels. >> the fishing accident that could have been so much worse. a chase ends in front of a house where an officer -- >> takes matters into his own hands. >> see a deputy's unusual banter with the suspect. >> that was not smart. and a big surprise pops out -- >> from the grill of this truck. >> the story behind one tough owl. >> you think when she hit that window she said "owwwww"? >> totally. criminals prey on some of the more vulnerable people in our society. we start in orange county, florida, where police say this mentally disabled man comes to this gas station to get a candy
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bar like he does every night. when he walked outside the store, they say suspect number one was waiting for him. watch what suspect number one does. he punches him. the victim falls to the ground but gets back up to go after suspect number one, who's getting into the passenger side of this car. but the driver has a gun and fires shots. >> yeah, you can see he makes two steps towards that white car and turns around and starts running right back toward the store. >> hit four times. the man was treated and released from the hospital. non-life threatening injuries. he said the day before he had words with one of these guys but he didn't think it would escalate to them sucker punching him and firing shots. this next video happened in detroit. the victim here, 64 years old. this man believed to be in his 20s comes in with a hoodie. he's stabbing at this man. he tries to fight back. look at the other two men in the store.
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they both back away and offer no help. one guy has his hands over his head crouching behind all the action. another one backs up. well, one of the clerks in the store talked to wxyz. >> told the guy that was getting stabbed, give him the money. >> i can understand people not wanting to get hurt. maybe that's their reasoning. give him the money and it will be over. >> the suspect only got away with $20. >> how badly was this guy hurt? >> he was in critical condition. they don't expect him to get out of the hospital for another week. >> that is awful. >> it looks like that guy who's in that construction vest or whatever continued with his transaction. >> good observation, steven. they said he tried to get his change while all this was going on. >> worry about your change later. i have a couple unexpected surprises to show you guys. you have the driver and the
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navigator communicating with each other. one obstacle the navigator couldn't help the driver with was this one. >> that's not on your map. >> they're deer. a bunch of them decided this is about the right time to run across the road. they didn't hit one. >> they just wait one second and cross, everybody's okay. >> unless they were pulling for the opposing driver. they were trying to knock this dude out of the race. >> yep, they were paid off. >> i think you guys are on to something because this team did end up finishing second overall following the first team. this other video is in north carolina. you're not going to believe this -- >> whoa. >> what is that? >> it's an owl! >> it's an owl being rescued from the grill of this truck. they released grill just enough. you see the owl working itself out.
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>> it got himself out of there. >> i think the owl was a little disoriented. as soon as she released herself, she ended up smashing into the window. >> poor girl. >> they were worried she may have been hurt. when she flew away, they realized she was okay. just a little frightened and disoriented. >> you think when she hit that window she said "owwwww"? >> totally. more video coming from the ongoing struggle in syria. take a look at this tank perched on top of that dirt mound there, poised, ready to attack. the cameraman getting the view of that and a couple other rebel fighters taking cover behind a dirt hill. you're about to see one close call. the cameraman eventually locks down the camera on the tank because he's expecting that tank to fire. so he wants to get the shot, move away, so he's not near the blast of the tank. but the opposition strikes first. did you guys seehat and that hi?
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>> i heard the hiss. what was it? >> watch again in slow motion. that's a rocket that just whizzes by the tank over the heads of these rebel fighters. the tank then kicks it into gear and knocks off a shot before it backs down the hill to take cover. i've got a couple of not your typical car chase videos. first, a video dash cam from sioux city, iowa. you see and hear a car speed past this police officer. inside this car is deputy jansen, so he cuts a u-turn and the chase is on. speeding down streets until we end up in a driveway. you hear the dispatcher saying, okay, what's the address? listen to the deputy. >> we stopped behind a house. i got two in the car. not sure what house it is. >> he takes matters into his own hands.
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>> leave your hands up. do not move. what's the address here, brother? >> the guy gives it to him. >> 1418 myrtle? >> yes, sir. >> so the officer calls it in. >> we're going to be on 1418 myrtle. >> then the guys are complying with the officer. the officer is like, why did you do that? >> what are you doing, man? that was not smart. >> the guy inside the car says, yeah, i know it wasn't smart and gets out of the car. instead, he reads him his rights and puts him in cuffs. >> you have the right to remain silent. for our next not your typical police chase, we're going to portland, oregon. inside this car, you have traffic officer mark james. he sees a car speed by at 52 miles per hour. it's clear that it's a 35-mile-per-hour zone. so the officer goes after him. and they sped up the video to make it more exciting. so he's in a hot pursuit after the speeder. then something gets in his way.
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it would be a little duck family. >> oh! >> so this officer, who just moments before was chasing a speeder has now stopped in the middle of the road, gets out of his car, kind of shoos the ducks back into the ditch where the ducks then swim away happily. >> and that speeder has no idea how lucky he was on this day to not get a ticket. >> so basically the speeders a lucky duck. a state of the art metal heart, and it goes to a sheep. and we'll explain how it keeps a beat. plus -- >> it was the battle of the nations. they got together to fight it out historical style. >> hear from a knight in shining armor who tells us what it was like first hand. >> if you have good armor, you can stop a lot of these
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somewhere deep in france a knight in shining armor, literally, stood up for team usa and battled the nations. now the fight begins. 21 versus 21. look at all those people in chain mail and shining armor. yes, they got together to fight it out historical style. >> except for the addition of some sort of point of view camera. >> right. the person in shining armor just put a go pro camera, mounted it to his chest. as you can see, they're allowed to use real weapons, but they have to be blunted. your goal is to knock the other guy down. it's a full-contact kind of sport. >> i don't care if these weapons
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are blunted or not. getting dinged in the head with that metal bucket on your head has to ring your bell. >> overall, there were 22 nations participating. this is the second year team usa was over there. they came in fourth place. president europeans were all impressed at our fighting. to tell us how that feels, we have jay brooks via skype from new hampshire. he's got his armor on. welcome to the show. how did the usa do? >> the united states was able to beat the poles. the poles are a very experienced team. >> how does one end up getting involved in this? >> a lot of us were doing historical re-enactment. we saw these crazy russians on the internet doing full-contact sword fighting. it was the battle of the nations with four nations. this year there are 22. a year ago when we first wednesday to poland, anyone who could afford a ticket could join us. this year we had about 150 competitors. only the top 48 went over. >> what kind of training do you
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have too through? that's heavy stuff you're wearing. >> ll, y tcondition. most of the guys are doing some sort of cross fit or art of strength. a lot of us have martial arts backgrounds. i've been doing armored combat for about 30 years. for single combat, i use long swords and swords. for the melees, i used a battle ax that looks just like this. >> whoa! >> that is crazy. how does that not sever someone's arm? >> people are wearing steel armor on their arms. folks have to go through inspection and make sure their gear is topnotch. if you have good armor, you can stop a lot of these weapons from causing injury. there are armors who do this for a living. you could probably start on a lighter kit for around $2500. most guys spend around $6,000, $7,000 on their armor. >> you better not make fun of my shopping. steven, it is tech time but
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not for the faint of heart. >> it's weird because there's a sheep on the screen. >> this sheep evidently had a faint heart and these folks made it a new heart. it runs on batteries. this heart is the world's first heart that literally ticks like a clock. what do you do if you need to recharge your battery? they're all questions we could ask our tech expert. >> and he herds sheep in his spare time. he'll know a lot about this. >> hey, zach. >> hello. >> this is pretty -- goo. >> it's goo and it's aww. >> how does it work? >> this is an assistive device. when people have heart issues, they can put this in until they're able to get an actual heart transplant. there are 16 million people in china who are having heart issues. this could bridge the gap so they're able to function
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properly and live until they're able to get an artificial heart or transplant. >> i see. well, from matters of the heart to matters of the nostrils, what is this? >> this is the sentee. it's a device that attaches to your smart phone and issues a smell. >> is this loaded with all kinds of different scents? then you send a message that says i'm sending you roses. >> it's not going to be able to put out any scent imaginable. >> so basically this is a glade plug-in. it can only smell like certain things and it runs out. >> exactly. they've come out with a software developer kit. maybe if you're playing a game and you have a gun, gun powder smell can shoot out. >> restaurants should get down on this thing. two for one pizzas at joe's pizza. this is what it smells like. boom. you think you're not going to get that peeizza after that? market it right there.
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morning climb time. breakfast, check. equipment, check. >> you know what you also need? a dress. >> why they're so lady like for a hike. and mom's gone so dad was left to the task of brushing the kid's teeth. >> how drilling teeth can be a fun thing. > [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start. t-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... ignition. [ male announcer ] launch your internet experience
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all right, people. it's best of "rtm" time. that means a bonus video you can
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find on our website. >> back with another edition of misheard song lyrics. nirvana "smells like teen spirit." ♪ i don't think kurt cobain said "i'm a skittle, i'm a beatle." >> i don't think so. >> another good one, u2 "mysterious ways." ♪ >> all you have to do to check this video out is head to our website, and click on "best of rtm." >> or watch it on our mobile app. you're going to climb mount st. helens, you're going to need a good breakfast. you know what you also need? a dress. thse people are clbing mount el. if you're going to climb on mother's day, you got to do it in style. that means wearing a dress. doesn't matter if you're a guy, a girl, a dog.
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you need a dress if you're going to climb. >> no kidding. >> these guys are wearing their finest. >> yeah, looks like you got free range too. if you're a dude, you can go sleeveless, a little low-cut number. >> you can even go sequins. you even have some booty shorts. >> i think i'd go a little slu it, slutty, show off my legs. >> you'd probably stuff your bra too. >> i'd look hot. i'd go full-out bird cage style. lipstick, earrings, wig, the boobies, everything. >> it would definitely be a show. >> what if you wear a meat dress, like lady gaga did that time? >> not a good idea in the wilderness. >> you would attract bears. >> happy mother's day! >> then it was time to make their way down. >> i want to start this
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tradition in other places. >> nick, if you want to start dressing like a woman, we will love you anyway. >> i'm just trying to honor mom in more places than just mount st. helen. it would take me a long time to pick out the dress. >> happy mother's day! you know how whenre fishing and you catch the fish and you got to try to take the hook out? sometimes it's a weird, painful process. one fisherman is about to find out how that actually feels in worse fashion. guy goes for a cast. you hear his friend say -- >> [ bleep ]. >> is it in your eye? >> here's where i have to warn you this video is pretty graphic. this is known as a treble fish hook. >> am i really going to see a hook in somebody's eye? >> it's not in his eyeball. it's in his eyelid. his friend is ever so daintily trying to feed it back through. it's not working because these fish hooks that have barb on the end. >> it's going to hurt a little
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bit. >> you know what? i got to give it to him. i'm not hearing a lot of screaming. he's taking it like a man. >> how does that not get his eyeball? how did that not puncture his eyeball? it's in his lid. >> maybe a good idea for the future. we don't actually see these guys remove the hook by the end of this video. >> do you want to go to the hospital? you sure? better there. >> according to some of the comments that the uploader posted on youtube, they did cut the barb off the hook and were eventually able to sort of thread the hook back through the eye. the eye is fine. the guy said no real damage to the eye. there is probably a hole in his eyelid. >> that means his buddy is working close to his eyes with hand tools full of fish slime, cutting barbs off. go to the hospital, man! using google glass to see the world through a toddler's
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eyes. >> look at these cool glasses. >> you feel like you're maybe three feet tall. >> this is bringing me back a little bit. >> see what it's like to be 2 again on "right this minute."
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steven, it's a weightlifting competition. at first it looks like this guy may get beat by the weight. gets it up to his shoulders. >> that's a clean, right? >> yeah. then he struggles a little bit
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getting it up over his head, drops it. >> boom. >> not only did he lift that weight, breaks the weight. >> good thing that happened when it happened and not when it was above his head. >> i was thinking the same thing too. if that happened over his head, he really would have gotten hurt. >> yeah. i love the assistants here who are trying to clean up. like, what do we do with this thing? >> roll it off. >> you roll it off there, boris. just roll it off the stage. >> now what? is the competition over? >> i would think, right? weights don't break you, you break weights. you're looking at the world through the eyes of a 2-year-old thanks to google glass. >> look at these cool glasses. >> yep. >> now, dad in this footage is chris. he was shooting this as part of
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a feature that he was writing on google glass for tom's hardware. the 2-year-old was really pretty interested in what was going on but was more interested in getting some use. so dad puts the glasses on the toddler. we get to experience the world as a 2-year-old. >> it's a risky thing to give your 2-year-old, i will say. >> but watch this. you feel like you're maybe three feet tall. and look how big dad looks. >> yeah, he's gigantic. >> in all, it's pretty awesome. we even get to see some of the toddler toys from the toddler's perspective. >> i'm done. >> this is bringing me back a little bit. >> say bye. >> bye! >> this is another video of some dad/son bonding time. dad was left to the task of brushing his kid's teeth. he decided to do it with the power tools. >> oh, that -- i -- he needs to put the toothbrush on a reciprocating saw. so it just goes like this.
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right? right now i don't think he's actually covering much area brushing. the dog is terrified of it. >> the dog is terrified. barks through the whole video. we've said it on the show before. everything looks so much better -- >> in slow motion. >> this is a crew at the bounce inc., a trampoline park. they decided to shoot themselves free jumping. for this video, bounce, inc. partnered up with infinity list to put it together. >> this is cool. these dudes are doing crazy flips, flipping all over the place, bending around. it almost looks like they're not going to make it, then they do. >> you can't see the momentum because it's -- >> so slow. >> yep, it is cool to see the
1:28 pm
they're constricting their muscles, jumping off the walls. >> the girl is flipping into a big foam pile. >> that would be sweet. i want to go to this place. i don't care if they don't have slow-motion cameras. i just want to jump around. >> there's one down the street, actually. >> jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down. >> there you go. how cool is free jumping in. that's our show, everybody. how cool is free jumping in. that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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coming up on "dish nation" -- $300,000 stolen at a justin bieber concerted. chris pine cries all the time. zoe saldana says she might end up raising her children with another woman. and according to the tabloids, kanye is gay. that's weird. we thought r. kelly was trapped in the closet. if you're having a bad day this is the show to get you laughing entertainment news show. the rickey smiley show, atlanta and beyond. kidd kraddick broadcasting from the heart of texas. and special guest dejays brook and jubal from seattle. this is "dish nation."


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